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In early 2015, a youtube video of a young boy who was hunched at 90degrees and could not stand up straight after pulling a tree root was circulating around the internet. His severity was at the level of ” The hunchback of Notre Dam “. At the end of the video, the young boy was standing up straight again after being treated by an Australian chiropractor, Dr Ian Rossborough.

The video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u8Qo5BR3p8

Chiropractors around the world started sharing that video proudly, telling the general public of what chiropractors could do. But one fine detail that they missed out, is that Dr Ian Rossborough is among the world’s small handful Gonstead Chiropractic practitioner. It is estimated less than 10% of the world’s chiropractors practices the Gonstead Chiropractic technique.


Gonstead Chiropractic Malaysia
Thankfully, the general public who are aware of the finer details, started googling “Gonstead Chiropractor Malaysia” – Precision Chiropractic would be among top of the search results, out of 3 chiropractic clinics in Malaysia. Currently there are 10 chiropractors who are said to practice the Gonstead Chiropractic system, out of the 10, 6 skillful Gonstead Chiropractors are at Precision Chiropractic, Sri Petaling.

As Malaysian leader in Gonstead Chiropractic, Precision Chiropractic is lead by Dr Liew Yoke Yen (Michiko) who is a very passionate and dedicated Gonstead Chiropractic practitioner. She is supported by 5 other Gonstead Chiropractors, each of them are hand-picked for their role.

Besides healing people and improving their quality of life through chiropractic care, Precision Chiropractic team also mentors Chiropractic students who wish to learn the Gonstead Chiropractic system in Malaysia.


From Precision Chiropractic to BeWell

In line with effort to develop a holistic approach to health and wellness, Precision Chiropractic adopted BeWell as its new brand effective August 2017. The BeWell brand will consist of BeWell Chiropractic, BeWell Fitness and BeWell Nutrition.