Gonstead Chiropractic care is for everyone. We have professional athletes, weekend warriors, office people, retired personal, children, pregnant women and even babies!


IMG_20160226_135414I want to say a special thank you to My Precision Chiropractic. They are responsible for bringing me out of retirement due to chronic back and hip injuries from years of sports.

Prior to treatments, I could not run, do a variety of movements and exercises, and was sleeping on the hard floor because of the pain. In fact, the pain was preventing me from training and almost from walking.

Post treatments, I am able to run, play, sleep better and fight again! I am not 100%, I still went into the fight with my injury, however, the pain was no longer stopping me from performing. A spine injury is a fighters’ nightmare, and I cannot thank Precision Chiropractic enough for helping me to heal, improve my performance and bringing me back into the cage. Most importantly, they have allowed me to stay active!

An extra special thank you to Dr Michiko, Dr. Deon and the entire awesome team led by Jason Lee. I have tried many places and none have been as amazing as this gang at My Precision Chiropractic!

AJ “Pyro” Lias Mansor, Malaysian National ONE FC Featherweight Champion, Founder & Head Coach of Borneo Tribal Squad in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


Strength Performance increased through chiropractic care:


Watch this video; https://www.instagram.com/p/BFL0x_NMTfg/?hl=en

princessfionaherself says :” So I posted this a couple of weeks ago asking if anyone could spot the difference. Video on the left was taken from early January, and the right was from late April.

The answer? Well, if you look closely, you would notice that the bar no longer leans as much to the left when I squat!

The reason why this happened in the first place was because I have a rotated pelvis, so I’ve been squatting like this all this time without even knowing it. (any wonder why the squat is my worst lift?) ” ….. Just want to say thank you to Dr Michiko from @myprecisionchiro for helping me with this and also to my friend, Lynn Kong for the recommendation! Appreciate your help.
I am still training at < 60% for now, but I am really happy with progress so far and I do see a difference in the way I move. I don’t expect to be completely “fixed” overnight or with just a few treatment sessions, but l am hopeful and I look forward to seeing gradual changes and improvements and moving more proficiently over time.

My goal is to (FINALLY!!!) bring my lousy squat numbers up to at least 100kg and hopefully, be able to compete again end of this year.


Formerly wheelchair bound patient’s son has a word to say: Thanks to Dr Michiko Liew for her patient treat my mother and myself. Me myself already recovered only just few session of treatment.. As my mother recover at least 60-70% as she can walk and not all the while yelling pain and numbness like previous.. Again thanks to Dr Michiko Liew


I’m a person that love outdoors adventure activities such as highrope, flying fox, zipline and many more. Have lumber herniated disc issue was 13686718_1052318991481959_4226104582641627788_nreally a bummer which means even simple run of 2.5km become something that I can’t enjoy daily. The pain was so intensive until simple task was difficult to do n my orthopaedic doctor suggested that surgery was the best solution to eliminate d pain. And surgery was not my option at all.
Then a colleague asked me to give it a try on chiropractic therapy and passed on My Percision Chiropractic contact number. From there I met up with Dr Beatrice and Dr Jue. 

I felt the difference after the 2nd session of therapy. Pain got lesser and simple tasks are made more easier compare to the early stage without the therapy. I’m really excited to get my spine back in shape for me to enjoy all the outdoors activities soon.

Thanks Dr. Jue for showing me what is chiropractic therapy n what wonders it can help people like me to repair and sustain a healthy spine .

– Cathleen Lee


13934904_1066614183385773_195385829077784820_nAn active duty sergeant of the Royal Malaysia Police. Had served 28 years with the force and had one tour of duty deployment as United Nations Police in Darfur Sudan for 15 months.
On April 12, 2016 while on active duty have experienced numbness and tension almost throughout my body , especially in the lower back spine.

I rushed to SALAM SENAWANG SPECIALIST HOSPITAL. An x ray and MRI test were carried out immediately resulting dics bulge in the lumbar spine L4/L5 and L5/S1 . I had been admitted for 7 days. Doctor Shahrizal, an Orthopedic Specialist who treated me had suggested conservative treatment ( medication and physiotherapy ) before other procedures are performed.

June 6, 2016 while attending an appointment with Doctor Shahrizal found there was a sense of numbness and tense on my neck. I was admitted again for 7 days to undergo further tests and treatment. The results of the x ray and MRI have found second level of disc bulge at my cervical spine C4/C5 , C5/C6 and C6/C7 .

Being discharge from the hospital I’ve lived a life that was very painful when I had to limit my movement. I can’t sit or stand for long, can’t drive long and cope with pain when climbing stairs.

I have received advice from my sister to try chiropractic treatment. I have searched through google for chiropractic treatment in Malaysia and have read PRECISION CHIROPRACTIC WEBSITE.

Comments from patients and treatment videos conducted on patients gave me confidence and a new lease on life. With confidence, I set my first appointment on 10 August 2016 with MYPRECISION chiropractic.
After the first treatment by DOCTOR MICHIKO LIEW my lower and upper back pain grew lesser.
The second treatment on August 12, 2016, I felt the pain eases and my daily prayers have been able to return almost to normal.

The third treatment on August 15, 2016 grew more confidence that chance to cure my pain are high.
To those who have experienced back pain, I highly suggest and recommended for chiropractic treatment.
Thanks to Doctor Shahrizal, an Orthopedic Specialist at SALAM SENAWANG SPECIALIST HOSPITAL for a conservative treatment he has suggested to me.

Appreciation and gratitude to DOCTOR MICHIKO LIEW, who has been working hard to heal my pain. Treatment and services provided by DOCTORS AND PHYSIOTHERAPISTS at PRECISION CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC are very professional, friendly and cost affordable.

– Sergeant Rafek Che Husain 



Despite being active, I do face some challenges like having minor scoliosis, slight imbalance hip bone, and recently my right wrist was slightly injured while playing superheroes with my son when he smashed my hand heee.

My wrist is 90% heal after 2 sessions with Dr Michiko Liew. Yesterday I was able to do intense upper body workout happily 🙂

I love being active and I hope to be injury-free despite the intensity of my workout. Precision Chiropractic is one of the places that I would recommend my friends and family to go

  – Adilin Ali, Co-Founder of Miha Bodytec: FixMe Studio Setiawangsa, Competitive Powerlifting athlete.


13256017_1015404908506701_4620473887890161438_nI have been suffering from severe back pain for the past 9 years. Both my legs are weak and I cannot walk far. My balancing is out and easily stumble myself on anything that is obstructing my walking path. I do have foot drop. I could not lift both my heels while standing. I find it very difficult while walking and sitting with pain around my lumbar area, buttocks and legs.

Over the years, I have seen eight (8) chiropractors and other traditional therapist in KL, Selangor, Seremban, Melaka, Ipoh, Alor Star and Johor Baru but there was no improvement. My condition has deteriorated over the years from bad to worse. I have spend a substantial huge amount of my money savings (around RM70k plus) just to seek for a cure but in vain. I was feeling very down, sad and frustrated over those futile treatments. I have to live with a miserable life ever since.

I came across Gonstead Chiropractor in the internet last month and made an appointment to consult Dr Michiko. I was overwhelming surprise that Dr Michiko, Dr Beatrice, Dr Jue was able to address on my critical spinal column areas in a very detail manner over the X-Ray films. Many questions, answers and advice was convey to me during the consultation. I did not have such a good presentation and details explanation during my visits from the previous eight (8) chiropractors. It was my 9th visit here, i could feel good improvement. My hearing, sleeping, reflexes and urinary control at nights are much better. Much pain and discomfort has taken out from my body. In return, more positive energy had permeated into my body.

Dr Michiko has done a very excellent therapy on me which is beyond my expectation. The exercises that she taught me also have a great contributing factor too. Now I can see some light in the other side of the tunnel. I strongly recommend to those who are suffering from spinal/joint pain to consult Dr Michiko immediately for better advice and treatment. As the saying goes “Better be late than never”. Precision Chiropractic centre is truly the gateway for a better health. I sincerely hope in the coming years, the management of Precision Chiropractic will open more Gonstead centres nationwide to help those who are really in need of your service.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Michiko, Dr Beatrice, Dr Jue, Jason and Liyana over your good work, kind cooperation and smiling faces. The best organized and systematic treatment centre I have seen.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Signed, Chong Pa Hang
5th April 2016





You worked wonders for my back/hip. I will forever be thankful and grateful for you. We miss you. ”

– Erin Cosma, Originally from Houston, USA




I was experiencing a pulling pain on my hips and a very painful right arm due to a very bad fall whereby my handbag was tugged leading me to falling on my right leg from a snatch theft incident in December 2015. I was practically in a dilemma of looking for a right doctor to treat my pain which has been ongoing for more than three months. I searched the Internet who could address my pain and I was quite impressed with one Dr Ian Rossborough, a chiropractor using GONSTEAD techniques and I was thinking and trying my luck to check whether such technique was performed by our chiropractors in Malaysia and lo and behold……. Found Dr Michiko.

13307389_1017156781664847_3981213542734571790_nMy first visit was 19th March 2016 where Dr Beatrice assessed me very carefully and thoroughly and I was required to take a full spine X-ray before any adjustment can be made.. on 24th March after viewing my X-ray it was discovered what I had was sciatica due to sacroiliac dysfunction ….in other words…a spine misalignment.

After 1 adjustment on my spine by Dr Michiko ..the pulling pain on my left leg was almost completely gone..and my right arm’s pain was reduced by 60% .I must admit I found it quite hard to believe at first being a very sceptical person and its rather too good to be true….until I reached home and I practically experienced no pain at all when I wore my pants…..for the first time after suffering for more than 3 long months…

In fact, before my injury, I have also gone to see various chiropractors for a cervical spondylosis at C5 and C6 which happened 15 years ago where neck pain can be felt most days with migraines and insomnia not forgetting the amount of painkillers I have taken through these years.

Miraculously after my adjustments (10 visits) the neck pain also disappeared ….This just proves what a good spine adjustment using GONSTEAD technique can do to our bodies and mental being…

Dr Michiko Liew, I can’t thank you enough for what you did….you are such a dedicated, caring , patient and ever so cheerful doctor and I have no qualms about recommending you to anyone….YOU ARE DA BEST!!!!!

– Cindy Hah Siew Wan, originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I experienced serious slip disc problem. I did not work for almost two months where all I do is lie down on the bed. I felt so much pain that I can only sleep 1 hour daily. I cry when its painful, 23 hours in pain. I eat painkillers like its my staple diet and I feel like a drug addict, and I don’t want that anymore. I’ve spent close to RM3000 for alternative including hospital, massage, medicine, traditional rehab, physiotherapy and acupuncture, but my problem only got worst. I feel like a living dead, living just for the pain. It was saddening.


I decided enough is enough, I decided to search on youtube and google about my pain. I found this lovely petite doctor (of
chiropractic). She was awesome. After just one session of treatment, my pain was instantly relief up to 70%. Oh god, I cried in front of the doctor (of chiropractic), it was a mixture of sadness and happiness. I’ve been in pain for 2 months and 23 hours a day, and this doctor (of chiropractic) was able to remove the pain in less than 30 minutes.

I feel so good. This is my first treatment and I will come back. Even their staff, Liyana and another guy treated me so well.I feel really happy and feel no more extreme pain. Thank you so much for understanding my problem.

– Marissa Putri Sofyan, originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


20150919_105833No Words to say how thankful I am with a big help from Dr Michiko Liew, Gonstead Chiropractor … for almost 2 years i’ve been using walking stick because of slip disc & non-compressive myelopathy…Amazingly, I can walk more than 3 steps without using walking stick n walk faster than before after 6 treatments…my back pain only left 10%… Therefore, I highly recommended Doctor Michiko Liew for those who are having back pain for a very long time.

– Rosmaria Hussin – originally from Kelantan, Malaysia.


Can you imagine, everyday when you wake up you cannot stand up immediately!! You have to sit down for few minutes then only can walk. When you walk also look like old people due to the pain pulling from the back down to leg.

After few treatments, now I can wake up and immediately stand up. The pulling was reduce. I need to thanks Dr Michiko Liew. She very awesome.10639619_459947707523436_6915148389546498946_n When I recalled back to 10 over years … one of the famous Orthopaedic in famous hospital told me that : ” your case you need to do physiotherapy, when you pain you take painkillers”. At that moment I really lost of confidence and give up to look for treatment. OMG, can imagine if from then until now I start to take painkillers, how many kg of painkillers going to store in my body.

Luckily Jian Ming Chung forward me Dr Michiko facebook. During my first session with Dr Michiko, she just told me : ” Don’t worry!! Your case almost complicated and need sometime to let me realign back. I will do it part by part for you and you will feel less pain.” Cool!!! She did it and I no need to take painkillers. The medicine she give only her treatment and ice pack. Hahahaha.. ice pack ice pack..

Thanks a lot Dr Michiko.

– Billie Teoh – Originally from Penang, Malaysia.


I was treated by 5 different chiropractors since 2007 for a lower back issue.

However it was in 2014 when I started my chiropractic care under Dr Michiko’s mentor who was visiting from overseas. I was told that I have a rotated sacrum and lumbar which resulted in a fixated joint movement that is causing the pain. None of my previous chiropractors said that to me before. However he was leaving Kuala Lumpur and I was referred to Dr Michiko to continue my chiropractic care in his absence.

After the first treatment session with Dr Michiko, I decided that she will be the chiropractor to be taking care of my spine health. She was much more gentle compared to her mentor, yet effective!

Her sincere and detailed follow up treatment on my lower back has resulted in better movement quality and at least 80% in pain reduction, which certainly helps me lots as a Strength and Conditioning coach.

I have referred my clients to see her and their feedback has been positive. I will not hesitate to recommend her to more of my clients for chiropractic care. You too should give yourself a chance to be treated by Dr Michiko.

– Jason Lee, Strength & Conditioning Coach ( www.JasonLeeFitness.com ), Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I thought I had strained my back a year ago doing a deadlift and that the pain in my lower left back/hip would eventually ease. But 7 months later I was still getting pain, couldn’t move quickly from seated to standing and was uncomfortable during sleep.

I had received treatment from an Osteopath/Physiotherapist and a chiropractor. Whilst the treatments eased the symptoms it didn’t last long as I was having to attend every week or 2 for ongoing adjustments.

I only got to see Dr Michiko twice as I was travelling for business, but she came highly recommended from my personal trainer and I thought what harm could it do. I had not tried Gonstead chiropractic before but had read up on the great success of treatment that many patients had reported;l so I had high hopes… These hopes were fulfilled and after my treatments I had immediate relief from the compressing sensation and was able to fluidly move from seated to standing with no pain. My sleep improved and I was more refreshed and agile than I had been in months.

Dr Michiko was gentle in her manipulation and provided advice on how to maintain the adjustment so that I wouldn’t have to keep coming back for treatment.

I wish Dr Michiko every success in getting her practice established and helping many more people like me get back to a pain free lifestyle.

– Lisa Rix, Originally from Sydney, Australia


IMAGE0019Phobias are hard to overcome! For me it is getting my back adjusted by chiropractors. Been hurt a couple of times, so I’ve decided to give up that method of restoring movement function pain free.

Until I met Michiko Liew! She not only restored my alignments, she has also restored my believe in the Gonstead method.

I am confident that Michiko is in the right line of work. She has the right atittude and compassion for this field to go far to help many people. I wish her a great future and all the best in her endeavour.

– Tony Hoon, Originally from Singapore




Those who know, know how my hip and spine has been killing me for the past 7-8 years. I didn’t even know what “Pain free” meant anymore. It was either “Painful” or “Less pain”.

I’m recommending her cuz she’s the only chiropractor I’ve ever met that’s actually made a difference that lasts. She’ll require x-rays (she’ll specify which type), find the real spot of issue, she won’t neccesarily adjust your neck for no reason if its not the problem.

 Kirksman Teo, Founder of Lifthard Training System




I’m one 19 year old teenager who personally love to do weight lifting exercise and always get tons of injuries from it as my exercise form is not correct!! I believe I started to have these back injuries few years ago, but I just take it as normal muscle soreness. Which comes out I’m wrong.kalhoongtesti

Nowadays I started to feel a lot more uncomfortable during weight lifting. so I decided to visit a chiropractor and I choose Dr Michiko.

Dr Michiko is the first chiropractor I’ve met and for being honest. She didn’t disappoint me. I’m impressed because she is young and a very capable person. I really appreciate it. From my perspective, nothing is stronger than a chiropractor! Thank you very much! Appreciate it.

Start fixing your problem before it’s too late!! Thank you very much Dr Michiko!

 Ng Jia Hoong, Originally from Malaysia



I came into Michiko’s office for 2 main issues – the first was having an achey butt that would radiate down the back of my thigh, and the other was to fix my achey mid-back.

She had me seated and ran a thermal device called a “nervoscope” down the back of my spine and the back of my neck to look for sudden temperature spikes. Sure enough, she detected readings at my spots of complaint and on the back of my neck. She used only light touch, and was able to send me jumping or flinching from the pain sites. I was really impressed.

Judging by the sounds from each adjustment, there was only one deep “crunch” instead of multiple clicks. Never have i had an experience with a Chiropractor that could move individual segments, and sure enough the pain relief was instant!
My mid-back felt alot lighter and movable as before!I would recommend her to anyone I know as she is really friendly besides being a great doctor with a set of skilled hands ? Cheers!

– Jonathan Tiong – Originally from Malaysia 


Screenshot_2015-10-29-16-13-38I’ve been having constant back pains for many years & I’ve tried many treatments including massage & physiotherapy, none of which gives much relief until I met Dr Michiko Liew, a chiropractor utilizing the Gonstead Chiropractic System. After the 1st treatment, 70% of the pain was gone and by the 3rd treatment, I experience virtually no pain now. I’m forever grateful to Dr Michiko for giving me a pain-free life and soon, I’ll be able to return to the dance floor doing something that I love: latin/ballroom dancing. Thanks Dr Michiko!

– Ee Von Tan – Originally from Malaysia


Gonstead Chiro Michiko has work wonders on me! Suffered a c1, c2 injury while training for a crossfit competition. Now not only have I healed, but my form is better, having to compensate less during high rep weightlifting movements. Still improving, but definitely feel the difference. Highly recommend!

– Andrew Chia Wei Jun – Originally from Malaysia


Before I was treated by Dr Michiko, I was suffering from severe pain on my left thigh to the extend of unable to walk for more than 5 minutes.

I misdiagnosed my own condition as muscle pain and attempted to treat myself with drugstore muscle pain relief liquid. After 2 weeks of application, my condition did not improve but instead it got worse.

It was then I started 4 weeks of chiropractic treatment with Michiko, complimented with exercise and that resulted in full recovery. I would recommend her as your chiropractor because she is patient with her patients and explains in detail of the causes and prevention for your condition.

Her confidence in handling your spine is good as it gives assurance and confident to her patients.

– Ker Shin Lee, Graphic Designer, Originally from Ipoh, Malaysia