Chiropractic for Pregnant Mothers


I am Mia, pushing 30 this year and soon to be a mother for the first time. I have had an injury due to a bad fall at home in 2010, and thought it was not serious, so I went for few sessions of massage, and ignored it. It was only in May 2011 when the pain was unbearable that I had to opt for painkillers just to be able to sleep at night, I went to HBKL. The doctor confirmed that I had mild scoliosis based on my X-ray and scheduled me for Physiotherapy.

After the conclusion of my Physiotherapy sessions, I never really paid attention to it, been living life like normal, with long hours of working and traveling Asian-wide running events, and playing futsal or swimming whenever I can. I do experience some discomfort or tightness on my lumbar spine but it goes away when I am well rested or after having a body massage.

I got married in August 2015, and eight months after that, I received the wonderful news that I was pregnant. But as my belly grows bigger somewhere in early August this year, I felt this piercing pain, like an electric shock on the right side of my spine, people said back pain is normal for pregnant women but I knew this was something else. Maybe my baby’s weight hit the nerve on my old injury. But what choice do I have? I refused to turn to painkiller as it will affect my pregnancy, I can no longer enjoy the body massage where I need to lie down on my chest for at least an hour, so I typed in ‘Is chiropractic safe for pregnant women?’ and the result was surprising.

I came across Precision Chiropractic online and started reading how the Gonstead Chiropractic works and I straight away called for an appointment on 17 August 2016 with the assistance of Liyana, and met with Dr. Michiko Liew for consultation and treatment who was very helpful and comforting. However, they were not able to do an X-ray on me because I was pregnant. On 20 August 2016, based on my old X-ray that I obtained from HBKL few years ago, my first detailed treatment was carried out and I felt better than ever! The electric shock sensation on my spine subsided almost immediately.

After only five sessions since 17 August 2016, Dr. Michiko has helped to adjust my spine to its correct placement again, assisted me to familiarize myself to it and now, I am feeling a lot lighter in my movements, and knowing the fact that my baby is growing healthily in my womb is the best feeling ever! No medications, no surgery! Chiropractic helps to reduce my migraine and headaches too!

Thank you Precision Chiropractic! ?

– Mia Natasha